As a professional engineering firm, A S Klein Engineering, PLLC provides nationwide consulting services for chemical and nuclear process design, compliance and maintenance. Throughout plant design, commissioning, expansion and decommissioning, we have the expertise, resources and experience necessary to ensure that facilities and operations are safe, economical and compliant with all applicable codes and regulations.

We provide design review services that include compliance checks, feasibility analyses, and data validation. Our Engineers are well-versed in EPA requirements for air, waste and water permits, and are available for consultation to streamline the approval process with state and federal agencies for operations involving the use and transportation of hazardous chemicals and hazardous waste.

Our services are also valuable resources during routine plant operation, helping relieve pressure from facility managers by troubleshooting process upsets and providing confidence that facilities are safe and compliant. We are your trusted partner in design validation, process improvement, troubleshooting and code & regulatory compliance.

• Chemical & Nuclear Process Flowsheet Analyses
• EPA Permitting
• Feasibility Assessments
• Design Review for Code Compliance

Chemical Engineering Services


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