Plans Examinations & Inspections for Energy Code Compliance

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As energy codes continue to become more complex, architects and owners look toward code consultants to understand compliance options for integrating efficiency requirements into the life safety elements and aesthetic features in building designs.  Because there are multiple paths of compliance, consultation in the beginning stages of project design prove to be a valuable time- and cost-saving investment that sets the project on the right course.


Some municipalities have chosen to place the responsibility for proof of compliance with local energy codes on the project owner.  In such locations, a Special Plans Examiner and Special Inspector are hired to review design documents and inspect buildings before building permits or certificates of occupancy will be issued.


A S Klein Engineering, PLLC performs hundreds of plans examinations nationally for compliance with all applicable codes.  We also have the credentials required by local municipalities to act as the Special Plans Examiner and Special Inspector for compliance with Washington State’s Non-Residential Energy Code (NREC) throughout all of Eastern Washington.