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Energy Management Services

• Energy Audits and Assessments
• Refrigerated Storage Warehouses
• Customized, Comprehensive Financial Analyses
• Life Cycle Analyses


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Energy management is a broad term that could mean a variety of things, depending on the project.  Even within a single project, an energy manager is required to wear multiple hats and possess a breadth of knowledge that spans multiple fields. Because there is no one-sized solution, we take a systems engineering approach to energy management.

For both new and existing construction, our Certified Energy Managers analyze the entire building as a system to identify energy- and cost-saving measures, some of which take no investment to implement. For projects that do involve capital costs, we provide comprehensive financial analyses which allow our clients to make educated, prudent decisions.

Facilities of all types benefit from energy audits and assessments from everyday office buildings to those with unique needs, like refrigerated storage warehouses and printing processes. Our systems engineering approach to energy management utilizes our understanding of the codes and standards applicable to specific facilities and renovation projects. Our clients hire A S Klein Engineering, PLLC because they know we see the big picture and provide them with the confidence they deserve.